Freelee is the upcoming product in association with ENTERPAL. And the roadmap is all clear to serve the best connectivity via open Internet. These days having the internet connection is very easy and nearly years everybody is going to have in their hands. Being online is not enough until we get the best of using it but it is not makes everyone happy all the time, so we feel we all need someone to talk. There is nothing as such can stop us to not to come online to express what we think Freelee, and one really go offline then he would be suspected.

The best taste of Internet Access we have not had it to bring people connected through their communication online, and the outcome of these connections still not making to bring people connected based on their interest. We may all have internet access now but the truth is we have not had the real taste of Internet yet.Is it something that bring separation in our life, and makes us Lonely despite of having lots of online friends but nothing more than evolution's for friendship on different level.

What we Talk/Chat that reflects in our relationship, and we are bringing to you with followings

  • • Speak Freelee.
  • • Get your people, audiences and also the followers with to discuss as they feel.
  • • Get every important things to be remember such as Birthday, Events and also much more.
  • • Get the people to talk, even you are thinking to discuss with followers, customers and friends.
  • • Connect direct as you wish to connect FREELEE.
  • • No Idea when is the best time to chat, talk and share the news.
  • • Remember Things that matters.
  • • Be heard to the People via Free Speech.
  • • On Business do influence as you want to others to join the force.